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Dear Parent or Guardian,


Banner – University Family Care/ACC (B – UFC/ACC) cares about the health of your child and family. Our records show that your child is due for a well-child visit. A well-child visit is the same as an Early Periodic Screening Diagnostic Treatment (EPSDT) exam. 


If your child has a well-child visit between June 1st through August 31st, 2021, B – UFC/ACC will send you a $15 value Subway or Harkins Theatres gift card.


Follow these simple steps to obtain the gift card:

  1. Call for an appointment with your child's doctor.

  2. Bring this letter and the attached form to your child's appointment.

  3. Check your gift card choice.

  4. Have your doctor fax the form back to B – UFC/ACC.

  5. Call our Customer Care Center at (800) 582-8686, to verify we have your correct mailing address on file. TTY 711.


Your clinic will complete the attached form and send it to B – UFC/ACC after your appointment. B – UFC/ACC will send you your gift card. 


Please call your child’s assigned doctor to schedule their EPSDT exam:

2021 Letter to Parents/ Guardians (What to do) 

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