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Child Development and Parenting- our most recommended resources and videos:  

We know that all parenting information available on the web can get overwhelming, especially when you are sleep deprived. So, we recommend you start with these easy to manage resources:


Positive Parenting Tips 

Your whole-brained child & teen
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Why Do We "Flip our Lid?" (lose control of our emotions-upstairs/downstairs brain)

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Dr. Dan Siegel's Hand Model
of the Brain (video) 

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What is the difference between a receptive vs. reactive outlook?

Refrigerator Lists   (downloadable pdf summaries of top books by Drs. Dan Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson):  


The Whole-Brained Child

No Drama Discipline

The Yes Brain 

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Myth of the Adolescent Brain

Lectures on ADHD by Russell A. Barkley, Ph.D.

1. what is ADHD?

2. why (causes of ADHD)?

3. Treatments 

4. Manage at School

5. 12 Best Principles for Managing a Child or Teen with ADHD

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My child has been diagnosed with ADHD.  Now what? 

Treatments (AAP, CDC)

Behavior Therapy-
Parent Training
(PDF download) 

Reducing Challenging Behaviors--Developing Positive Behaviors 
Does your child engage in any of the following behaviors? how can you change those behaviors? 

Not complying with parental requests
Having catastrophic tantrums
Fussy eating
Playing disruptively with peers
Not sharing
Hitting Peers, parents, teachers
Not socializing with other children

Having a bad attitude
Being careless in playing with siblings
Not engaging in self-care (bathing, brushing teeth, getting dressed)
Not going to bed on time


Speaking offensively or harshly
Breaking things
Showing disrespect;
Breaking curfew
Not letting parents know where you are
Not taking medicine


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FREE COURSE-Dr. Alan Kazdin at Yale 


Course Preview (video, 9 min):

Use Rewards,
not punishment (video)

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Anxiety, Trauma, Toxic Stress