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Well-visit policy 


As your child’s primary care provider (PCP)  and “medical home,”  Callie Pediatrics seeks to be a welcoming place, that offers compassionate and comprehensive care, by listening to your concerns and based on our knowledge of your child and his/her health history, strengths, culture, and needs. It is our goal to offer you the best of both worlds--a classic pediatric experience (trusted, personalized care, family place) that is also connected and coordinated with specialists (physical and behavioral) and support services.  

1. Every well-child visit plays an essential part in our getting to know your whole child, and they grow and develop over time--physically, emotionally, and socially. Thus, as your medical home, we seek to offer  “continuous” and “coordinated” care, connecting you with support, services, and specialists, and helping to develop a plan of care. In sports lingo, we are the quarterback of the team. 


2.  The well-child visit schedule is based on the American Academy of Pediatrics' “Bright Futures” recommendations.  The “pre-visit" (safety, health, etc), developmental, and social/behavioral questionnaires help us screen and test for concerns and take action, by offering guidance and early interventions when necessary.  All of this comes together as “Early Periodic Screening and Diagnostic Testing” (EPSDT).

3. Well-child visits provide the opportunity for you to communicate your concerns and questions to our providers, and to work in partnership with us to make sure your child’s medical and non-medical needs are met.  Well-child and follow-up appointments are also essential for connecting you to other health providers and services, and for coordinating and planning that care. As your child becomes a teen and young adult, we will also help them transition to adult care--to be aware of their conditions and medication needs, to plan for the future, and to understand the whys and hows of regular, preventive adult care and screenings. 

4. Because of the importance of these visits, every parent and caregiver needs to ensure that their child has a well-visit and follows the EPSDT schedule, from birth to 20 years. It is also essential that you keep us informed about any care received between visits (e.g. emergency room or urgent care, behavioral health, etc).  

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