HOW to fill out our questionnaires online, BEFORE the visit, on your own time:    

STEP 1: Use a browser (Google, Safari, Firefox), NOT the Healow app, on your computer or device.

STEP 2:  Go to our PATIENT PORTAL (this link or button above). Do NOT use the Healow app--it does not provide access to questionnaires. 

STEP 3:  Next, go to “View your Health Record."

  • Select “using mobile phone” if you don’t know your password or have it saved OR  “user credentials” (if you know the child’s username and password)   

  • Enter your CHILD’s first name, last name, and date of birth.  Do NOT enter your (parent/caregiver name)

  •  A code will then be sent to your device.  Enter code when prompted. Change the password.  DO NOT download the HEALOW app at this time. Keep using the browser.

STEP 4: 

  • Click the CHADIS button in Patient Portal to complete the questionnaires or invite a teen or teacher to fill out one, when needed.  

    • ​Enter your primary contact number, or leave blank.  Press ok.” 

    • For first-time users, register as a respondent: Enter YOUR first and last name. If prompted, also enter info about multiple births and prematurity.  This will ensure that the questions are correctly assigned and developmentally appropriate.

    • Press “GO” 

      • ​​Depending on the age, multiple questionnaires will be assigned for your child.  There will be developmental questions (Ages & Stages), safety, nutrition, exercise, screentime, and mental/behavioral health questions.  We encourage you to get an early start on the questionnaires, so you can observe your child’s development.  You can save and resume the questionnaires when needed. 

        • For PRE-TEENS & TEENS(age 12-17), please follow the directions and “invite” your teen to register to take the Adolescent Questionnaire and PHQ2.

  1. Thanks for using CHADIS to help us to provide the best care possible for your family!.  Please email portal@calliepeds.com  if you are having difficulties logging on!  We will get back to you asap.

Need help?  email portal@calliepeds.com!   
CHADIS icon.png
  • Do we have your email?  We need your email to set up the Portal account.  If no account is found, this could be why. The email might be missing or incorrect in our system. 

  • Are you using a browser? (don't use the Healow app!) 

  • Are you logging in with your CHILD's first name, last name, and DOB (each child has a Portal Account . Use their name, not yours).

    email portal@calliepeds.com for help! 

Trouble Shooting