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28 Sept 2020


RE:  NEED URGENT ACTION--Need your help!  


Dear parents and caregivers,


It is a privilege to provide care for your children, especially in these stressful times.  As your child’s *medical home*, we thank you for trusting us with your family’s health care, and bringing your child for a well-visit this year (AHCCCS 10/01/19-09/30/20).  


If you have received this text, your child (or at least one of your children) is NOT assigned as “PCP” (primary care providers) to one of our Callie Pediatrics providers.  It is essential that your AHCCCS plan ( United Healthcare Community, Banner-University Family Plan, or Arizona Complete Health)  know that you have chosen Callie Pediatrics as your PCP/medical home and that s/he be assigned to one of our providers:  Albert A. Callie, MD, Erin Cowan, CPNP, or Michelle Foth, MD (at this time, during COVID-19, Dr. Callie, Sr is not seeing patients at the office).    


So...TODAY (or before Wed, Sept 30 at the latest), please call your plan: 


Banner University Family Plan  1-800-582-8686

Pick Option 1, Option 1 

***Because our "roster" is closed, the rep. will need to then call our office (with you on the line) to confirm--get reference number & PCP name.  If you called in the past, and they said no, please try again, as we have this new process in place.  Please ask for a supervisor if there is a problem.  


UHC Community Plan  1-800-348-4058 

When recorded voice starts, say “Representative”

When what calling about, say “Change doctor” 

(get the reference number & PCP name)


Az Complete Health   1-888-788-4408  Pick Option 2, Option 5, enter numeric portion of ID # and then date of birth and option 4, then transferred to a representative.  Effective the moment do it and retro back 90 days;  Get a Reference number and PCP name.

Please email the specific PCP name and reference number with your child's name and DOB to or call 520-298-3383.  If you have any issues or difficulties, please email or call. We can help you troubleshoot and your feedback helps us streamline the process in general.  


Thank you!  

Providers and Staff at Callie Pediatrics

* What is a medical home?  American Academy of Pediatrics

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