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Have you felt rushed, and maybe stressed, as you try to fill out paper questionnaires and screenings at the office, as your child or children need your attention?  Do you run out of time? Does your hand get sore? 

CHADIS to the rescue! 

CHADIS*  allows you to complete health and developmental questionnaires online, when it is most convenient for you.   

Benefits for parent/caregivers:  

  • fill out questionnaires on your own time, BEFORE the appt day (save and then return).  No more coming early, or juggling paperwork! 

  • get more time to think through screening questions and your responses. "Ages & Stages" (ASQ-3), for example, asks questions that help you understand your child's development and know what to look for next.  FIT questionnaires help you think about your child's health and wellness (nutrition, physical activity, screen time) and set goals.

  • Overall, your responses help providers prepare for the visit and track your child's growth, development and well-being.


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Parents say: 

"No more juggling paperwork!"

"The steps were easy to follow!" 

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